Book reviews : Children’s books

By Drum Digital
19 November 2015

Start to learn: Numbers

(Human & Rousseau, R140)

Help your child (under six-years-old) count by adding and subtracting, matching shapes and everyday objects that go together. There are also musical sums and activities to put numbers in order that are entertaining and educational, without them realising they are learning.

You can pore over the colourful photographs and use stimulating questions to keep their attention.

Start to learn: Words

(Human & Rousseau, R140)

This is a great tool to help children under six expand their vocabulary. They can learn about time, weather, seasons, people at work, objects in the house, on the farm and at the sea. The photos will keep them interested and parents can throw in simple questions to keep them entertained. This is a book they will ask to read again and again.

Start to learn: Animals (Human & Rousseau, R140)

Parents, how many different birds can you identify? This book will help spare your blushes, as you and your child learn about different birds, the coverings of animals – from furry coats to the scaly snake and the shells of a tortoise. There are plenty of colourful photographs of baby animals, animals that are hard to spot and those who camouflage themselves. This book shows you are never too old to learn.

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