Born for the big time

By Drum Digital
17 October 2011

She was raised by world-renowned opera singers, ran wild in theatres as her parents rehearsed and led a charmed childhood in New York where her classmates were the offspring of the rich and famous.

Little wonder, then, that Nondumiso Tembe harboured dreams of making it in showbiz one day – and that day has well and truly arrived.

The talented 26-year-old now knows how to navigate her way around the streets of Hollywood and can tell you with authority that Oscar-winner Anna Paquin looks pretty even without make-up.

And it’s all thanks to True Blood, the hit vampire TV show that popped her on the international radar screen and added her to the list of South African actresses who are making a name for themselves in the US.

In the fourth season of True Blood (currently showing on the M-Net Series channel on DStv) she plays Mavis, a Creole woman who died in her twenties and now possesses the body of one of the main characters, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), and has no intention of leaving – not without a fight, that is.

Read the full article in DRUM, 20 October 2010.

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