Box those braids

By Drum Digital
02 February 2014

Beautiful box braids

If you're looking for a new do, why not try box braids? Here are the benefits of this trendy styles:

Quick to install. Unlike the usual thin braids that could take hours upon hours to install, box braids are quick. Depending on the length, your hairstylist shouldnt take longer three hours to install.

Protetive. Box braids are a great protective hairstyle. With your hair tucked in the braids, you give your natural hair a break from the  daily combing and pulling which causes breakage. Because box braids are thick, they can also be removed quickly and easily, preventing even more damage

Trendy. Whether you leave them lose or tie them up in a bun, box braids look super trendy and can suit anyone. If you're looking to look young, fresh and cool then this is the style for you!

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