Boyfriend is neglecting you

By Drum Digital
07 March 2014

He deserves the chance to make things right.

In every relationship there comes a time when you ask yourself: is this the right guy for me? Is he making me happy? Be honest and follow your heart if he isn’t making you feel loved and special.

While you’re being attentive, he’s not reciprocating and you’re not getting the attention a girl wants and needs from her man.

Tell him honestly and sincerely how you feel. Don’t take an accusatory tone because he’ll get defensive.

He deserves the chance to make things right, but if he’s not interested in what you have to say then you’re not a priority for him and you might never be.

Do you want to take this chance, even when his family isn’t on his mind?

Be strong and brace yourself as you might have to find someone new.

-Sis Dolly

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