Bra Mo - New Year, New You

By Drum Digital
10 January 2014

The festive season is often and rightly so, a time to reflect on the past year.

“One trouble never comes alone. And at our ages, we may expect more and more of them every day in groups and every day less fortitude to bear them.” – John Adams

Last January, my father died. His death hit me like a truck. For many months I drifted through life, conversations and relationships. It was an out-of-body experience which I couldn’t articulate. I was an aimless rudder; drifting with no direction and purpose. During the past festive season my sister and I, along with her family and mine, spend our first Christmas without our father. It was surreal, painful and weird. There were moments when I thought I would seem him emerge from his bedroom and join us at the lunch table. That never happened.

Losing a parent sucks. Big time. In the last few years, I watched his body and mind begin to wither and slowly leave this earth, but I still couldn’t imagine a life without him. God had to force me.

I was now forced to go back to my home town and confront what I’d been dreading all along. I sat on his bed and looked at his picture. I spoke to his spirit (whatever that means). I cried. And as we packed his last belongings, the bed, sofas and other furniture which had become another part of us, I now could start thinking about life without him.

It’s an opportunity to mirror your past actions and decisions against what you’re always trying to achieve. Many people don’t believe in New Year’s resolution and lots of life experts will inform you that within two months, people have gone back to their usual routine. The guy doesn’t go to the gym anymore; the smoking habit has crept back. They’ve forgotten about their goals and dreams.

However, if I told you that you only need to work on a new habit for six solid weeks before it becomes a part of your routine, wouldn’t you jump at an opportunity?

Too many of us have led our girlfriends, wives and children down. You may have promised to be more present and supportive in your family’s life and you didn’t do this. You didn’t get married to your girlfriend who has been with you for years. You didn’t resign from the job you’ve been complaining about.

This is a new year; your New You must emerge.

Therefore you need to seize the day and renew your mind. Be the man you’ve always wanted to be for you and family. There will be moments where you’ll stumble and fall. But if you have set your eyes on the prize, you will bounce back. I wish you a blessed and renewed year.

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