Bra Mo on infidelity

By Drum Digital
16 June 2014

Fridays at 12h30 are #OnTheCouch slots with Bra Mo, where readers are able to ask him questions about relationships and interact with fellow readers.

This past week we tackled the ever-topical issue of Makhwaphenis - married and unmarried.

It's no secret that being in a relationship, no matter how healthy, can take strain on the people involved from time to time. What happens if one of the people in this relationship is married?  To complicate things further, a reader wanted to know, what about being involved with someone who is going through a divorce? Bra Mo weighed in on this complex issue. On seeing someone who is going through a divorce, Bra Mo's advice was simple: Since emotions are connected with the process one has to be cognizant that it could go either way. Protect your heart Is infidelity becoming a norm we should accept in our marriages? Bra Mo says: Almost 50% of marriages end up in divorces because couples go in with unrealistic expectations. Infidelity should not be an excuse for a troublesome marriage, however it is also not be an automatic reason to divorce. I am a strong believer in premarital counselling. Also un-married couples should also try to go through with it.

Can we ensure our marriages are free of infidelity? It seems there's no definite answer but, as Bra Mo advises, communication is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship.

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