Bra Mo - Overindulgence is never a good thing

By Drum Digital
14 March 2014

Here are stories of men who have bitten more than they could chew.

Over the course of a man’s life, there is a 50-50 chance of him straying. Add to that the fact that, on average, four percent of married guys will cheat on their partners.

Now, before you start gagging on your food ladies, be aware that there is a tremendous risk to cheating. And the risk may mean death.

Fellas! We’ve all been there. You stop at the traffic lights and a hot-looking lady crosses to the other side of the road and immediately your heart literally skips a beat. That’s a mild form of a heart-attack. However, since you are young and in relative good shape, it does no harm, but only makes your pants slightly engorged. However, there’ve been lots of men who’ve gone out with a bang.

Here are stories of men who have bitten more than they could chew:

“In delicato flagranto morto” is the Latin term for "caught dead with your pants down," and Pope John XII might have been better named as Pope John ‘XXX’ based on this story. The leader of the Catholic Church from 955-964 was allegedly murdered by the angry husband of a woman he was, um . . . giving communion to.

Be careful what you wish for. Though having six sexy wives at your disposal might sound like paradise, things can get a bit complicated. Successful Nigerian businessman Uroko Onoja was found dead in his Ogbadibo home in July of 2012, after a jealousy-fuelled marathon sex session with four of his old wives. The feud began while Onoja was enjoying the company of his youngest wife, when the five others banded together to attack him with knives and sticks, demanding sex. Eager to please, Onoja sprang into action, and made it through four of the babes, before he stopped breathing. Only two of the wives were arrested, following the incident, according to the official report, which included the term “raped to death”.

On the other hand, a wealth of studies shows that men who cheat on their wives risk not only their marriage but also their cardiac health. Liaisons away from home and with younger women are particularly dangerous. Researchers can’t be sure why, but put forward a variety of reasons, including a guilty conscience. Analysis showed that heart attacks, including fatal ones, were relatively rare when a man was having sex with his wife at home. But when he started to play away, the risks increased. The stress of wining, dining and satisfying a woman, invariably younger than the man’s wife, may also be to blame, as can the strain of keeping an affair secret.

Guilt may also play a role with some research suggesting heart problems are more common among cheats who are still attracted to their wife.

Therefore, I believe it is safe to conclude that overindulge is never a good thing. Stick to one woman. You’ll be happier and will live longer.

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