Braids: Hot water curling

By Drum Digital
08 June 2015

Braids are versatile, you can have them in a bun, bob even in curls.

Here are some braids-curls you can give a try:

Threading Cork screw technology

This is based on the use of a thread.

a. Tightly wrap the braids around the thread and tie to create the corkscrew.

b. Place in hot water for 10 seconds

c. Untie thread

Rod technology

Using of a rod instead of a string

a. Place the rod at mid-length and wrap braids around it. Secure braids on rod.

b. Place in hot water for 10 seconds

c. Unwrap braids from rod

Braiding Technology

Braiding individual briads into larger braids

a. Make One braid with a handful of small twists (works best on smaller size twists)

b. Dip the braid as far you would like the culrs to be (be carefull not to burn sculp with the hot water).

c. Unbraid hair


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