Brenda Ngxoli's acceptance speech

By Drum Digital
23 March 2015

It was God's timing, Brenda Ngxoli.

Actress Brenda Ngxoli failed to make it for her big night at the Saftas where she scooped two awards for her roles in Ses'Topla and Rockville. Many cheered when her name was announced as the winner in both categories and they were dissapointed when she wasnt there to take her awards. Brenda who is currently in her hometown in Xolobe in the Eastern Cape sent a message of thanks to Saftas and her fans via YouTube.  "I am very excited to win the awards. I would like to thank everyone who made it happen. Including the public broadcaster SABC who gave me my first break. I also want to thank my mother Ntombizodwa Mngxoli. Thank you for raising me as a single parent and also sticking by me when times were hard. My thanks also goes to the domestic workers of Western Cape who all know me by name," She said. Brenda also thanked her fellow cast members from both Rockville and Ses'Topla. She also thanked film maker Roberta Durrant for being there for her when she didn't win the International Emmy award she was nominated for in  2007.

Brenda also said that her winning was God's timing.

Well done Brenda!

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