Brian Molefe: ‘I met the Guptas, but I’m not captured’

By Drum Digital
31 August 2016

Axed Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe, says he was not captured by the Guptas but rather that he met them and considered them to be 'nice people'.

By Ayanda Sitole

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s decision to fire Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe, has sparked much debate with conspiracy theorists nodding their heads that this confirms he was involved with the controversial Gupta family.

The concern has been that Molife accepted sub-standard coal from the Gupta-owned Tegata Resources. The Guptas have also been heavily criticised for being business associates and friends with President Jacob Zuma.

At the time, Molefe said the State-owned power company could not afford to pay exorbitant amounts of money for coal used in its plants, and the Guptas were offering a cheaper product.

Molefe had been criticised for being “captured” by the Guptas, however, in a press briefing today he made it clear there was no relationship between him and the family.

“I was asked by [Radio] 702 host John Robbie. In the middle of the interview, he asks me if I have met the Guptas and what kind of people are they,” he says.  “I told him they had been in the country for a while and I met them, when I look at them I see they are nice people.”

Molefe went on to say having met them and considering them to be nice people does not mean they have “captured” him.

“I think it’s unfair that if you get asked the question if you have met someone, I don’t know what I was supposed to say . . . That I hate them and tomorrow I’m disconnecting the electricity?” he says.

“The fact that I know the Guptas and shook hands with them does not mean I am corrupt, we need more substance than that.”

Molefe says he’s met Jonathan Oppenheimer and the DA’s Mmusi Maimane, does that mean he has been “captured” by them, too?

Molefe also dispelled the myth that coal being sourced from the Gutpa family is poor quality, saying he is legally bound to doing business with Tegata.

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