Bridget Masinga calls Kim Kardashian a Diva

By Drum Digital
18 November 2014

I un-followed Kim on social media after meeting her- Bridget Masinga

Thousands even millions of people would give anything to hang out  with and interview The Kardashians, especially Kim. However, it seems its not always pleasent to hang with Kim K. Television personality Bridget Masinga spoke about how Kim was such a diva that after meeting her and spending time with her she unfollowed her on social media.

"Kim was such a diva and had so many demands when we were shooting All Acess," said Bridget on ETV's Screentime With Nicky Greenwall. "During the shoot she kept demanding 'Crop her here", "Can I check the lighting" , "Please make sure if it's a wide shot it doesn't go below the knees because she doesn't like her knees"," Bridget added.

Bridget did acknowledge that maybe the star was jet-lagged during the 2010 trip but she was suprised that her sister Khloe was the total opposite of her. "Khloe was a ball she was hanging with us at the pre dinner and even passing around her wedding for the ladies to try on. So Kim could have done the same and just been proffesional."

See the video below as Bridget describes her encounter with Kim;   The full show airs this Wednesday at 9:35pm on etv. 

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