Bucie address rumours about her sleeping with her teachers

By Drum Digital
11 August 2015

Songbird Busisiwe Nqwiliso - better known by her stage name, Bucie - has addressed rumours that she used to sleep with her teachers in high school.

The Khuma native was speaking to Move! when she opened up about being a mother while still in high school and the challenges of losing her father when she also addressed the rumours that she was known for singing during assembly and beauty contents as well as for sleeping with her teachers.

"Why would I go and date a father and leave his son who happens to be my age," she told the publication.

"I was 17 and most of the teachers were in their 30s. Why would I date a 30-year-old man?" she said as quoted by the magazine.

The singer was also reported as saying that her accusers should also issue names of the teachers they are referring to.

Well, we're glad that's been cleared because we prefer Bucie for her music and not scandal.

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