Buhari takes historic victory in Nigeria

By Drum Digital
01 April 2015

Nigerian opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari took a historic victory in presidential elections, receiving congratulations Tuesday from incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.

Abuja -

The result makes Jonathan the first incumbent to lose a presidential election in Africa's most populous country since Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999.

Jonathan called Buhari "to congratulate him on his victory and assure him of maximum cooperation and a smooth transition," said Paul Ibe from Buhari's campaign organisation.

In a statement issued by the organization, the winner thanked Nigerians for believing in him, but warned them against wild celebrations that might spark violence.

Buhari won in 20 states and Jonathan in 15 states, according to the electoral commission. The president took a victory in the territory of the federal capital, Abuja.

Results remained to be announced from Borno state in northern Nigeria.

Buhari, 72, who governed Nigeria as a military ruler from 1983-85, heads the opposition coalition All Progressives Congress (APC). Jonathan, 57, who leads the People's Democratic Party (PDP), has ruled since 2010.

Celebrations broke out around the country, with many Nigerian's praising Jonathan for not trying to cling to power.

Source: news24wire.com

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