Buhle Maseko is getting ready to tie the knot

By Drum Digital
04 April 2017

The Skeem Saam actor got engaged this past weekend to long time girlfriend Tsholo Lolwayne

The Skeem Saam actor got engaged this past weekend to long time girlfriend Tsholo Lolwayne

Buhle took to his social media this past weekend to share a video which congratulates their engagement and a picture of a massive rock that his wife to be is now wearing:

@ms_lolwayne here's to the start of forever ??!!!!

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He posted a picture of the ring after she said yes:

He said he needed to change the look of his Instagram account in order to match the new changes occurring in his life:

The married man to be is currently looking at possible suits to wear on his big day, these are the three different looks he's contemplating thus far.

Suit number 1:

Suit number 2:

2/3 MY ENGAGEMENT ?.... Now here, ladies and gentlemen I was referring to the new "engagement" working relationship I have just entered into with @blaque_orchidsgroup, (and my announcement happened to have fallen on Aprils Fools day, so that's a double take ?). But yes, I've signed a management and PR deal with @blaque_orchidsgroup. I'm really excited about the future plans we have in place. I'm coming for it ALL, but in classy way ??. The first thing we did was a suit range shoot, so you need to keep it locked on my IG page for upcoming shoots and moves I'll be doing, really exciting stuff. So for guys looking to get engaged soon ? keep it locked, we will give you loads of ideas. Why were so many people touched when I announced I'm engaged though ?? the calls and messages I got, sheesh guys. #FormalWear #MenWithClass #SuitsAndTies #BragDifferent @csquaredsa

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Suit number 3:

With plans for the big day well in motion we would like to take a moment to congratulate Buhle on this momentous achievement and wish you all the best on your new journey!

Close To Yoooooouuuuuuuuuu

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