Buhle Mkhize calls out for Mrs Gigabyte

By Drum Digital
21 January 2016

Earlier this week we saw the locking of horns between Malusi Gigaba's wife, Norma and Buhle Mkhize. Thursday morning, Buhle took to Instagram to root for Mrs Gigaba to return on social networks, as it seems that the Ministers wife deleted her social media accounts. She wrote, "Yesterday she 'quit' Instagram because I let her know I'll continue to reveal the truth she's hiding and some.... She's preaching to people and calling me names when she's the one hiding her own blood, and doing all the insane things up to changing her identification just so it can indicate her being the 34 year old she claims to be? How can I work so hard and be destroyed to badly over one mistake  and destroyed by someone with skeletons so major they'd blow anyone's mind." She continued to say,"I hereby challenge Norma to get back on Instagram and tell the world that I'm lying or even better, sue me.

Well it seems as if Buhle wont let this one slide till she gets an apology from Mrs Gigabyte.

"I WILL be psycho as much and as long as i need to, to get her to give me that apology phonecall," Buhle wrote in her ranting post.


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