Buhle Mkhize may be heading to your TV screens

By Misha Solanga
17 July 2017

Buhle may just become the next reality TV star

Whether it's her Instagram or her Twitter, business woman and fashion designer Buhle Mkhize has a way of commanding attention, and that attention is the reason why the rumors of her getting a reality show are not too hard to believe.

The controversial business woman and stylist has been hinting on her social media platforms that she wants to write a book and that she thinks she should have a reality show. Buhle's fans bought into it and have been pleading with her to get a reality show to document her stylish and lavish lifestyle.

It seems the socialite's hinting may have paid off because according to sources she received an offer to document her life.

A close source revealed to Daily Sun that Buhle received money and that she'll be traveling the world.

“She was offered a staggering amount of money she could not say no to,” a source claimed.

The show will show Buhle's business side and how she keeps in shape as she is  shooting her fitness DVD. All this may be on the show.

With all the mystery around Buhle, the show will also show her background, how she grew up and her journey that ended up with her relocating to New York.

With all the reality shows South African celebs are putting out; "Living the dream with Somizi, Being Bonang and so many more, we're sure there's space for another one, so Buhle do your thing.

Sourced: Daily Sun

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