Burglar-proofing your home

By Drum Digital
19 June 2014

Burglar-proofing your home

Home burglaries do not only affect people in bad neighborhoods, they affects everyone. And with SA's high crime rate, keeping your home safe is top priority for most people.

House crime proof checklist: 

  • Lock your mailbox because thieves can get access to your mail if it is outside your yard and unlocked - this can give them access to your personal information and leave you vulnerable to identity theft
  • Try not to leave keys in obvious areas - Rather leave them with a trusted neighbor
  • Form or join a neighborhood watch
  • Install automatic timers for your lights. This will ensure lights are on or off when you’re not home
  •  Trim bushes and trees that burglars might use to hide when breaking in
  • Leave outside lights on at night
  • Install an alarm system - Shop around for the best deal in your area

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