Busy moms, here’s help!

By Drum Digital
10 February 2014

Our new project is just the thing for hardworking, busy moms – find advice, get to know other parents, share stories and plan ahead.

DON’T know what to do with a child who won’t eat their vegetables? Worried about your child’s asthma attacks? Got stuck helping your teen with her maths?

Here’s good news: this week DRUM and Checkers launch a new project, SuperMom, and the answer to your questions is just a click away. You will find help on a number of platforms: our website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – and, of course, DRUM.

DRUM SuperMom will help you do what you do better than ever before. We understand a mother’s work is never done. DRUM has been a source of help and inspiration to moms for years. Now all this  information is available online in five simple content categories. We give you just what you’re looking for, whether your child is three or 13.

The categories

A panel of moms helped us identify five content categories, and the website is divided accordingly.

Food: In this category we give you bright ideas and recipes for breakfasts, lunches and suppers, and advice on lunchboxes.

Fun: Looking for a DIY project and want to pretty up your eight-year-old’s bedroom? In this category we give you the answers – advice on everything from birthday cakes to affordable Valentine ball dresses for your teen.

Health: Here you’ll find first-aid advice, expert views on fever or croup, the latest on attention deficit disorder – everything you want to know to ensure your children’s welfare.

Homework: Read what experts have to say about how to help your children study, and we give valuable tips on stimulating babies’ development.

Advice: A category with a little of everything – from divorce to help with talking to your children about sex.

We’ve divided the contents of the SuperMom website into six age categories. Select your child’s age in the drop-down menu at the top of the page, and the computer will filter only the articles applicable to your family.

The age categories are 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-9, 10-12 and 13-16.

Our platforms

The magazine

Look out for weekly news and stories about real moms and the challenges they face. Learn from them and become part of our SuperMom community. Read what you can find on the web and our social platforms.


Advice is just a click away. Go to drum.co.za on your computer, cellphone or tablet and click on the SuperMom category. Use the easy search function and get exactly what you want.


Become part of our community. On the DRUM SuperMom page on Facebook you can talk to other moms, share advice and ask for help – this is where you can rely on others in your shoes. Share stories, obtain holiday ideas or give your opinion on matters of the day. Go to Facebook.com and search for DRUM SuperMom.


What is life without a few tweets? On Twitter we give you news and snippets on what’s happening on the SuperMom website and on our Facebook page plus other news you must know. Follow us, share tweets you like, and stay on top of things. Our Twitter handle is @DRUMSuperMom.


This platform is a virtual scrapbook full of ideas, a treasure chest where you can benefit from other people’s creativity and share yours. There are already boards: ideas for children’s parties, family photographs, pretty children’s clothes, children’s rooms, do-it-yourself projects or just words to brighten your day. Go to pinterest.com/hydsupermom (we share our page with our sister magazines, Huisgenoot and YOU).

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Make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletters. When you go to our website we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire: how many children you have, how old they are, where you live, your cellphone number and e-mail address. We'll treat this information as confidential and it won’t be passed on to anyone else. You’ll receive a weekly newsletter based on your profile, with news that matches your needs. You can also sign up on the web page. You can also e-mail us at supermom@drum.co.za or click on the newsletter link on the website to sign up.

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