Butterfly migration comes to Johannesburg

By Drum Digital
12 January 2014

Clouds of white butterflies have started to descend on Joburg as part of their annual migration from South Africa to Madagascar.

According to the Sunday Times, Earle Whiteley, a director of Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa, said the Belenoi aurota, commonly known as vrown-veined white butterflies, hatch along the West Coast from Cape Town towards Namibia and then migrate inland in a north-easterly direction.

He said the swarms have now reached Gauteng and would soon head towards Mozambique before crossing the sea to Madagascar.

He said the further north they go, the bigger the cloud of butterflies grows – eventually reaching up to 1km into the air. The female butterflies however lay eggs along the route, which in turn would begin the next life cycle.

-News 24

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