Cama Gwini comes back re-born

By Drum Digital
10 October 2012

Cama Gwini has release a new single titled ‘Jikel’emaweni’ from here upcoming album called ‘Re-birth’.

The album is said to portray shows a distinct and deliberate move towards a sound that is more global, pop rock, yet soulful and smooth.

Her African pedigree is still evident in her vocal improvisation, and sparse chants, that always seem to sneak in a manner that will inspire graceful dancing, which is both courageous and liberating at the same time.

Talking about the album Cama Gwini was quoted as saying, “I went through a Re-birthing process which is the change in mind, heart, thought, and in words. In order for me to see myself as the Universe sees me - completely, wholly, and perfectly - I needed to discipline myself and enter the Universe. That was the Re-birthing process.”

The sound and image have changed to embrace the Re-birth of Cama Gwini.

Take a listen:

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