Can plaiting your hair make it grow?

By Drum Digital
17 July 2014

When your hair is plaited there is low manipulation as you don't comb it daily.

When your hair is plaited there is low manipulation i.e. you do not have to comb it daily.

This is why the hair generally tends to get longer because there is far less breakage than if you were combing it daily.

Plaiting (including other protective styles like weaves etc) can be damaging to your hair.  If your plaits are too tight and pull the hair out then there will be damage, especially on your hairline.

Plaiting is beneficial when you take care when the plaits are put in and once the hair is plaited you make sure you wash it and keep it moisturised.  Depending on the type of plaits you have you can even deep condition the hair.

It is encouraged that we treat our hair regularly to up the moisture levels in our hair.

Hair relaxers can be damaging if the relaxer is not applied correctly or if it is applied too frequently as they contain strong, damaging chemicals. When it is done correctly (and the hair cared for), you should not have any problems.


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