Can't say no to abuse

By Drum Digital
13 February 2014

Sis Dolly advises an abuse victim.

I’m saddened by your letter and your cry for help. Abuse is abuse, regardless of the age or gender of the individual. Abusers also manipulate their victims to make it difficult for them to break out of the cycle of abuse.

Sometimes they’ll give you money or something you really need, or they’ll threaten you with violence in order to be able to continue abusing you.

What you need to do is to break that cycle by realising your safety and wellbeing come before anything else. I’m not sure if you will be in any physical danger if you stop meeting him. If you can do this safely, try to ensure you’re never alone with him in a place  or situation where abuse can

take place.

Also please contact Childline on 0800-055-555 to get support and counselling. The  first step to breaking the cycle of abuse is to ask for help and support. I acknowledge your courage in taking this step. Take care and be safe.

-Sis Dolly

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