Care for your short hair

By Drum Digital
13 March 2015

Brush haircuts are the easiest to care for; do not be caught with a neglected brush haircut.

With winter approaching, most people will hardly show off their heads and hair. The truth is, you cannot wear your beanie to a gala dinner, but you can maintain your short hair and keep it ready for any upcoming big events.

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All you need is any sort of moisturise, preferably the kind that will not drip and flow down your face and sides. Hair food works better, because it sticks and shines. Do not be guilty of over-application, where you hairfood is visible and not blended. Rub it between your palms until it is soft and apply or apply it and then use the hairdryer to settle the hairfood into the hair.


If you  have lost a lot of hair during your weaving time, this hairstyle is a great recovery method and it will increase your hair volume. Any kind of platting and relaxers can harm your scalp and hair too. Short hair makes it easy and healthy to grow your hair back.


If you are looking to keep the brush hairstyle going, you need to keep it neat and level. All you need  is visit to a salon once every two weeks or as required. Do not attempt to cut your own hair.

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If you are not doing anything to your brush, but just cutting it, it should be under R30. Even with colouring (dyeing) it is still affordable.

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