Career advice for twenty-somethings

By Drum Digital
09 August 2014

Much of how things end up in life is based on some life-changing decisions made in youth.

Being in your 20s can be both exciting and daunting as you're learning more about yourself and gaining a glimpse of what your future holds for you.

Here are some tips from a collection of older career people to their younger counterparts:

  • Always show gratitude

An sms, an email, a call - all of these will make both you and the source of your gratitude feel good. Being grateful helps you put things in perspective - there is always something to be grateful for.

  • This too shall pass

No situation is permanent - have this knowledge comfort you when tough times come by, as they will.

  • Nobody can look out for you like you 

You know what you need best. While accepting help is never bad, allowing others to be in charge of how you direct your life isn't healthy.

  • Maintain your professional reputation

Don't burn bridges, network and build good relationships with colleagues. This will always work in your favour.

  • Remember to note the positives

Like gratitude - a positive attitude is so necessary to doing well.


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