Career: Insurance Executive

By Drum Digital
21 November 2011

If anyone knows what it’s like to work their way up the insurance industry

corporate ladder it’s Colly Mata. This executive at Lion of Africa Insurance

in Joburg started out as a trainee underwriter and has made it to the top, rung by


Today his job title is executive head: commercial and local authority sales.

“I started out as a trainee commercial underwriter at Guardian in 1992 and with

time, effort and the support of my family I’ve now become an

executive,” Colly says.

When he was an insurance underwriter, Colly analysed

insurance applications from clients to determine whether or

not they should be accepted. Today, as head of the company’s

commercial division, his job entails strategic planning.

“In a nutshell, I come up with, and implement, a strategy so

that the Lion salespeople in my division can achieve their

budget,” he says.

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