Careers: Corporate Affairs Executive

By Drum Digital
09 December 2011

When Lulu Khumalo started working for a big corporation the first thing on her mind was the notion of a stable income. As a former freelancer in the dance world, she needed to be sure of a guaranteed salary every month.

Little did she know she’d take to the business world like a duck to water and rise to the top of one of South Africa’s biggest companies. Today this focused, dynamic, 40-something professional is the corporate affairs and sustainability executive at Pioneer Foods.

“My ex-husband and I were both in the arts and were freelancing. We soon realised that one of us needed a stable income and so I went into the corporate world,” explains Lulu. Today her role is to maintain the excellent reputation of her company in the business and consumer world. “My task is to fulfil the duty of corporate accountability,”she says.

“The job encompasses the roles of communicatingand engaging with stakeholders the company on its journey towards sustainability on the other,” she explains.

Lulu works hard to maintain her company’s public profile by providing accurate information about the organisation and details about the values that influence the way it does business.

She leads an all-female team that includes an enterprise development manager, a transformation manager, an environmental specialist and a communications specialist.

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