Careers: Forensic Pathologist

By Drum Digital
03 February 2012

Most people shy away from crime and death all cost, but for Dr Itumeleng Molefe they’re a normal part of her job.

Tumi, as she’s called, is not your average 35-year-old mother of two from Parklands in Cape Town. She’s a forensic pathologist with the Western Cape Forensic Pathology Service based at the University of Cape Town’s Medical School.

The school provides forensic services to the Cape Town West metropole.

Her job is to determine the cause of death of anyone who has passed away of unnatural causes, including homicides, accidents and suicides.

To determine how someone has died, forensic pathologists have to do an autopsy (an examination) on the bodies of the deceased.

“I spend the first three or four hours of every day at the Salt River forensic pathology laboratory where I do autopsies,” Tumi explains.

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