Carol Behane packs a punch

By Drum Digital
16 February 2015

Eating whatever we want, whenever we want is a norm during the silly season.

Then, the New Year comes along and our number-one resolution is to burn all the fat we packed on. Actress and fitness trainer CAROL BEHANE is ready to change all that.

DRUM joins her in Sandton where she’s running a training session and whipping everyone into shape. “I murder fat for a living,” says the awe-inspiring fitness fundi.

Her training sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5.30 pm, and she exudes energy. “I believe that eating healthily and looking after yourself is very important,” Carol says while working up a sweat. It’s amazing to see how her class thoroughly enjoys the session, while a vibey soundtrack keeps up the morale.

Read more in the 19 February 2015 issue of DRUM.

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