Cashtime is keeping it in the family

By Drum Digital
15 December 2011

They are late, they are loud and they have swag. Typical of hip-hop artists,  right? Yes, except this is not your ordinary batch of hip-hop m’rappers – they are Cashtime Family.

Made up of the multi-award winning Teargas and three new young recruits, AB Crazy, Smashis and Da KidX, they’re making moves in an industry that just keeps getting better.

Downtown Joburg is where we meet the guys and no sooner do they roll onto the gritty location we’ve chosen for the shoot than the air crackles with energy.

We’re in Newtown, where the graffiti-covered concrete pillars hold up the highway – it’s the perfect backdrop for the family. Because that’s just how they see themselves – as a family: the three younger guys are right at home in the company of their accomplished big brothers.

They’re all constantly spitting out rhymes, teasing one another and cracking jokes like siblings, especially when the make-up artist approaches them and they laugh about wearing pink lipstick and blusher.

“What’s the stuff that turns your cheeks red? I don’t want any of that on me!” jokes Da KidX when the make-up artist raises her brushes.

Luckily these guys don’t need a lot of make-up for the shoot – as anyone knows who has seen them perform, they’re one good-looking crew.

But it’s Cash Time Fam’s music and not their good looks that have seen them produce hit songs, Number 1 and Goodbye, which was in the Top 10 on MTV Base and made number two on Trace on DStv, plus they’ve been colonising dance floors at clubs and festivals around the country.

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