Cassper shares video of AKA assaulting a fan after saying AKA slapped him

By Drum Digital
07 August 2015

"I have no hate for you even though I am hurt and embarrassed"-Cassper.

This post comes after Cassper insisted that AKA 'slapped' him.

The 'slapping' happened at the Cantare nightclub. In making his case, Cassper then shared the video of AKA kicking a fan off stage with this caption: "I have no hate for you even though I am hurt and embarrassed but I know that karma is a real thing. You might think you'll get away with everything cause you think you're higher than the world but I promise you king. Last month you assaulted an innocent fan who jumped on stage cause he was enjoying your performance and your team cleaned it up saying there was no evidence of such an incident. Carry on treating human beings like this and your day will soon come @akaworldwide".

Check the video below:

However, AKA has denied the slapping accusation:

akareplyR akareply2

And YFM shared this:


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