Catching Her Man 1/5

By Drum Digital
07 April 2014

Constable Makwetla was not entrusted with real police work very often - now she could really prove herself.

Mpho heard her name being called and started, hitting her knee against the corner of the cubicle divider where she’d been sitting, filling in a form.

“Yes Sergeant?” she said as she walked into her boss’s office.

Without looking up from his paperwork Sergeant Molefe said, “Get down to the R28, corner of Driefontein off-ramp! A motorist has just phoned in about a hit-and-run. It seems a man was killed. Arrange for an ambulance and get someone from forensics and a detective to go with you.

“And Constable Makwetla, I want your report on my desk by tomorrow morning,” he said as he tapped his middle finger on his desk, emphasising his words.

“Yes Sir,” she replied smartly. It was not often that he trusted her with real police work. Mostly she sat around filling in forms.

As she put the phone down after calling emergency services to arrange for an ambulance, Mpho caught sight of Constance, the constable working at the front desk. She was looking at Mpho with a sidelong grin, stroking her own well-rounded bottom and pointing her thumb at the front door. Mpho pulled a face at her then ran upstairs.

“Isaiah!” she called, catching her breath, “Come along! We’ve got work to do.”

Isaiah didn’t look up from his screen. “I’m busy Mpho. Can’t you see? Old grumpy downstairs wants my report yesterday. He’s already given me a talking-to today!” he said as his fingers sought the correct keys.

Mpho walked over to his desk and hissed, “Old Grumpy will do more than give you a talking-to if you don’t come with me. There’s been a hit-and-run and the man can’t wait until you’re done.”

“What man?” Isaiah looked up.

“The dead man.”

With a deep sigh Isaiah rose to his feet, pushing back his chair with a sharp back-ward flick of the knees, ramming it into the cabinet behind him. On the way out they ran into Detective Dixon who was, as always, eating.

“You must come with us,” Mpho told him. And when he pointed to the sandwich he was holding, hoping to be excused, she just said, “Eat it in the car.”

-by Cassandra van der Westhuizen

To be continued...

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