Catching Her Man 4/5

By Drum Digital
10 April 2014

Is Mpho on to something here?

As Constance picked up her pen again, Mpho asked. “Where was your car stolen from?”

With a guarded look he answered, “From my garage.” Then he snarled, “But why are you asking me? I’ve already told this constable here!”

Mpho ignored his aggression. “What time was it stolen?”

“As I told her, it must have been early this morning. I got home from the party at about 4 am. When I got up it was gone.”

“Did you lock the garage?”

“Yes,” Benny answered.

“Thank you,” Mpho said, and made for the stairs. She wanted to tell Isaiah and Dixon about her suspicions.

As she entered the office, Isaiah looked up. Noticing Mpho’s excited air, he asked, “What’s bothering you?

“There’s a man downstairs making a statement about a stolen car. I’m sure he’s lying about something.”

Isaiah and Dixon looked puzzled. “So? Why is it your problem?” Dixon ventured.

in the hit-and-run.”

“What?” they exclaimed together.

“Did you tell him we have his registration plate?” Dixon asked.

“No.” She gave a wicked smile. “He claims his garage was broken into and the car was stolen last night.

“But if he’s telling the truth the paramedic is wrong in his estimated time of death by three to four hours. I think we should examine his garage.”

Isaiah snorted as he picked up a pen. “Eish, Mpho! If the car was stolen, there will be nothing there. Just a broken lock and an empty garage.”

But Dixon backed her up. “I also think we should go.” He winked at Isaiah and said, “Bring your gear, young man. You may be able to earn your salary this month!”

With an exaggerated sigh Isaiah stood up and grabbed his bag.

-by Cassandra van der Westhuizen

To be continued...

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