Catching up with Miss World Rolene Strauss

By Drum Digital
26 March 2015

After making South Africa proud by winning the Miss World competition, Rolene Strauss, continues to empower her home country with Beauty with a purpose campaign.

After making South Africa proud, Rolene Strauss, continues to empower her home country with the Beauty with a Purpose campaign.

How did this project come about?

What had happened was Sun International, the Department Social Development and Department of Correctional services started this project; it is a poverty eradicating project. The Miss World organisation has bought into the project as well, which is on a much greater scale. It is also a Beauty with a Purpose’s project.

What inspired the Beauty with a Purpose campaign?

Beauty with a Purpose started 42 years ago, so Julia Morley who is the current owner of the Miss World Organisation had this dream about a brighter future and better health around the world, and this dream became a reality. If it is done by Miss World for charity purposes, it is called Beauty with a Purpose.

Why did you choose a correctional centre to host the event?

We are all human, we all make mistakes and we all deserve second chances and this is a way for inmates to give back to the community and feel that they are doing good and meaningful work. Planting vegetables does not only help them, but they help others as well.


What does being Miss World mean to you?

There is a feeling you get when you reach your goals and dreams, and that's the feeling I get when I think of being Miss World , it is also nerve wrecking to know that you have a lot of eyes on you. You have to make a difference, so it is a combination of gratefulness and excitement.

Do you think you would have been a better Miss World if you were older or younger?

I think that there is a time for everything, and if this was not the perfect time I would not be here. We all have destinies and this was definitely the perfect time, I mean I entered Miss South Africa  in 2011 and it did not work out then.

What legacy do you want to leave for the world in general?

I want people to realise that even though I am Miss World, I am still Rolene Strauss and I am that small town girl. You do not have to feel like you have to change the world, but you can just do your part.

 What do you for fun?

Spend time with my family, play golf and sometimes in hotels I just jump around when nobody is watching. And also fun for me is  dreaming about the future, I still have dreams.

Happiness is...

Love...uhm no wait, having people love you.

The Miss World title has taught me...

You should do the little things that make a big difference.

My parents are...

My biggest supporters and critics at the right times.

South Africa is...


Find Love!