Catching up with Zano

By Drum Digital
13 April 2016

Mzansi's music industry is growing in leaps and bounds and Zano, who in 2010 felt the need to take a break from the industry, is living proof of that with his new album titled 'Colours Of My Soul'.

By Hopewell Mpapu

"I felt the need to take a break from the industry, because I wanted to learn the business side of the industry, so as to protect myself from being exploited. I felt like I was being exploited at the time, so that's part of the reason I left and came back  after doing musical theatre," he tells us.

Like most parents, his parents were not very supportive of his musical interests. "After I finished matric my parents told me that they would not pay for my studies if I wanted to study music, they said I would have to fund my own studies," he reveals.

He remembers his determination to succeed in music. "I remember I left home town of Mpumalanga with only R150 in his pock and a week later I got a call saying that my mother had passed on. Luckily a friend from home was already here, so he gave me additional money, so I could register at a college.  I remember I only used to eat at night - I would buy bread at Shoprite and east it at night. During the day, I would be at school, going to my classes," the 34-year-old tells us.

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