Catfight on Generations!

By Drum Digital
11 August 2010

YHO! What would their mothers have said if they’d seen them getting down and dirty, laying into each other like a couple of undisciplined girls outside a tshisa nyama?

They wouldn’t be impressed – but as any Generations fan will tell you there was something compelling about watching Karabo and Dineo, two of the most elegant women on Mzansi TV, tackling each other in a boxing ring the other night.It’s not as if we didn’t see it coming, of course. The animosity between them had been brewing for a while and even though Karabo has a new man and Dineo finally has Paul there was still enough anger to make the gloves come off.

“I believe it was Karabo’s pride that made the lady in her go out the window,” Connie Ferguson says of her character.

“Dineo had pushed all her buttons and she’d simply reached the end of her tether. It was her way of telling Dineo she’s no pushover. But I personally don’t believe that’s any way for ladies to behave.”

Katlego Danke, who plays petite Dineo, thinks the two were “silly” to get into a fight. “I don’t think a man should ever be fought over. If he decides to be with someone else that’s his choice and you need to respect it. You can’t convince anyone to stay with you against their will. You shouldn’t even try.”

The two stars have joined DRUM to give us the lowdown on their fight scenes – and we decided it would only be fitting to have them do it in a boxing ring. But after they’ve glammed up and slipped on the gloves it’s hard to believe either of them could throw a punch.

Instead of a left hook and right jab they give us smouldering looks and lots of laughs, which is more like them. “That’s why we had a great time with this storyline,” Dineo says. “It’s so out of character for both of us.”

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