Caylene Marais, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips 7/7

By Drum Digital
02 March 2014

Miss SA 2014 finalist give us her hair tips.

For many women beautiful hair and luxuriant locks are an essential part of their identity. Women all over the world take pride in their hair. Caylene Marais, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips:

Q: How do you keep your hair in good condition?

I go the extra mile to keep my hair in good condition because I believe that nothing you do to your hair will make it look good if it's not healthy. My three top tips for healthy hair: Gary Rom Leave-In Conditioner, a good heat protector to avoid damage when styling and eating good fats like avocado and almonds to keep that shine.

Q: What is the best hair tip you have ever received?

The best hair tip I have ever received is to tip your head upside down when you blow dry your hair to ensure that extra volume and body.

Q: How do you like to wear your hair?

How I style my hair generally depends on what I'm wearing and the practicality of the style for what I'm doing. I think it's important that your hair not only looks good but is also functional. For example, I wouldn't leave my hair loose if I knew I would be outside and it would be windy. My favourite style at the moment is a big high bun - it doesn't get more simple or sophisticated than that!

Q: What are the few versatile looks you can do with your hair?

I'm generally quite good with styling my hair. It has taken a lot of trial and error, and years of practice but I can successfully say that I have the basics down. Curls, waves, straightening, teasing, ponytails, and buns - I'm not too bad.

Q: What has been your worst “bad hair day”?

I have definitely had a few horrible hair moments where there have been bubble-gum, burning, and colour malfunctions, but nothing that couldn't be handled or didn't grow back, (isn't that just the greatest thing about hair?). My favourite bad hair day fix is a slicked back bun, works every time!

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