Celebrate every success

By Drum Digital
17 November 2013

Every victory counts.

Celebrating successes however big or small is important for you, you staff and your business. Here's why:

1. It reminds you of the goal you set and why you set it in the first place. It’s easy to forget why a goal was important, but forgetting that removes all meaning from the task. When people remember why the work they do helps grow the business, they’re inspired to do more.

2.  It reminds you that a good, focused, goal-setting process works. You set the goal, create strategies to achieve it, and reach the outcomes you want. This not only delivers the desired results, but it inspires your team to set goals in all areas of their work as well.

3. It motivates your team to continue delivering good work. Employees who feel appreciated and know their efforts have been noticed become even more productive with the next round of projects.

 - Ben Beagle

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