Celebrate Valentine’s Day and National Condom week with safer sex

By Drum Digital
14 February 2017

The mood for love is in the air as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day


This day of love also coincides with STI/Condom Week, a health awareness campaign by the South African government to promote safe sex and curb the spreading of HIV and AIDS.

Last year Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi introduced multi-flavoured condoms into the public health system to encourage young people to have safer sex.  Brightly coloured condoms range in the flavours of strawberry, banana and grape.

According to the City of Cape Town the demand for the flavoured condoms has surpassed what can be supplied and there is ongoing efforts to restock public healthcare facilities by the end of the week.

Dr Marlize Swart, a sex therapist, has appealed to South Africans to have safer sex especially around Valentine’s Day.

“Remember that no matter how much you love and trust your partner, safe sex is important because a moment of pleasure could result in a bad decision that could lead to death,” she says.

Here are some tips from Dr Swart on the use of condoms:

  1. If you find free condoms being distributed, remember to take a handful so that you can have a good supply.
  2. Always check the expiry date on the packaging.
  3. Do not use one condom more than once.
  4. Make sure you have plenty of lubricants.
  5. Store the condom out of the sun which can damage it.

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