Celebrities honour their mothers

By Drum Digital
13 May 2013

Celebrities honoured and celebrated their mothers on Sunday for Mothers Day.  A couple of celebrities like Beyonce and Solange took to Instagram to honour they moms.

Aka posted a picture with his mother, who was holding roses which we assume were from the rapper.

Despite all the Chris Brown drama that Rihanna has been caught in, she didnt forget to pay tribute to her mom on Mothers Day. She wrote a sweet message for her mom on Instagram

"Her attitude Rihanna, she got it from her mama!!!.... Happy Mother's Day beautiful!! What a lucky little b* I am to have come from you! You showed me real strength, how to be independent, how to love and be loved, not to judge people or their situations, how to forgive, how to learn from every mistake I make, how to be hospitable, how to do my makeup, cook, clean, not to lower my standards for anything or anyone! DOLLY taught you so well, I can only imagine how incredibly proud of you she is !!! I am who I am because that's all I've known!! Thank you for all that you've endured to make sure I got here, with a smile!! I could never repay you, you're PRICELESS!!! My gem!!

Its clear that Boity definitely got her beauty from her mom. The presenter posted a picture of her mom on Instagram too.

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian wished her mother Kris and Grandma MJ a happy Mothers day.Posting an old school picture of the family.

Music mogul Diddy posted a photo with her youthful looking mother.

Image credit: Instagram

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