Celebrity Chef Benny Masekwameng on the one person he trusts to cook for him and more

By Drum Digital
13 June 2017

I want to be remembered for inspiring people- Benny

Celebrity Chef Benny Masekwameng is one of the most loved chefs in Mzansi. DRUM caught up with him to discuss how he developed his love for cooking, his favorite dishes and his dream for himself.

We haven't seen MasterChef SA in a while what's happening with the show? Is it coming anytime soon?

We waiting on Mnet to give go ahead. It will be brought back soon. However I am on the Ultimate braai master season 6 which is coming very soon.

What are Chef Benny three essential kitchen ingredients that you always have in your home no matter what?

Onion, bacon and butter.

When did you love for cooking start and when did you know you could make it a living?

I started cooking with mom at 8 to help support her cooking business. I had to follow her and help and that was my first interaction with food. I realized I enjoyed doing it. When I finished matric I wanted to do Electrical engineering but the funds were not there. That’s when I decided I’m go do something that I love which was cooking.

What are three of your favorite meals to make?

Slow cooking dishes like oxtail, pork trotters as well as split peas and sugar beans. Winter allows those types of dishes right now.

My second favorite meals to make are sea food Shell fish and prawns. I also love making sandwiches with a lot crazy elements and just be creative with lots of avo.

Who is the one person you trust with cooking for you?

My Mother, hands down!

5 things you can't leave without?

- Music

- Car

- knives

- wine

- Sneakers

What would you always like to be remembered for?

Inspiring township kids to believe they can do it.

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