Celeste Ntuli says 'No' to Xenophobia

By Drum Digital
27 January 2015

You are lazy. Period, Celeste says.

Isibaya actress and comedian Celeste Ntuli has spoken up against Xenophobia. Following the violence and looting in Soweto due to Xenophobia Celeste went on her instagram to show her disgust of the behavior shown by the people who committed the xenophobic attacks.

"XENOPHOBIA is an act of self hate due to Mental Slavery. There are no foreigners taking your jobs here. NIYAVILAPHA (You are lazy!) PERIOD!!," the star said. She also said that the mental slavery was shown at how black people never showed xenophobia to white foreigners and never accuse them of taking their jobs. "As soon as the foreigner has dark skin "there are taking our jobs," added Celeste in explaining her mental slavery point. Xenophobia has reared its ugly business in South Africa a number of times in the 2000's with the 2008 attacks in the biggest and most wide spread as they spilled to other parts of the country. ANC veteran Winnie Madikizela-Mandela last week condemned the attacks and even visited families of those affected.

By Molife Kumona

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