Changing lives - One lunchbox at a time

By Drum Digital
24 October 2013

Young South Africans from all walks of life are making huge strides in crafting a bright future. Our DRUM achiever this week is Tebello C Rampo.

Last December Rampo (23), from Palmsprings, near Sebokeng in Gauteng was crowned the 2012 Activate! project winner.

ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa.

Her project was considered the best of the 64 great ideas that young South Africans had presented to a panel of independent judges.

“I thought of Lunch Box because I saw some learners who didn't eat at school because of not having lunch boxes. I don't have feeding schemes but work with the school – the lunch boxes are branded with the school name and the learner’s grade,” explains Rampo.

Rampo’s Lunch Box project seeks to give impoverish school children a healthier and life changing lunchbox. Currently she is assisting 630 children from Bafokeng Primary School in Palmsprings with lunchboxes.

“We have seen a decline in the number of children who queue for the food that has been prepared for them as they are sometimes teased for having to do so. My idea was to design a conventional lunchbox to be carried by every learner at school. This product will restore the school’s unity by having all learners carry their lunch box and eating at school. As the learners will all drop their lunch boxes at the kitchen while they are in classrooms nobody will know who brought food from home and who got food that was made for them in the kitchen,” she says.

It took Ramp 10 months to launch the project but it was a labour of love.

“Putting it together was a lot of hard work, but I had not anticipated the project to win. The outcome has been life changing and inspired me to work harder for community development,” she says.

Television and education personality Pat Pillai, has described Rampo’s Lunch box project as “mind blowing”.

Indeed Rampo is a model for other South Africans who have taken over the tough challenge of changing our country for the better.

“Yes I am still part of Activate Change Drivers, a network of young leaders equipped to drive change in South Africa,” Rampo says, adding that Mother Theresa once said, "The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."

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