Chasing Waterfalls 3/4

By Drum Digital
15 January 2014

What's mama Gumede's plan?

“According to our investigations Philip has been out of the country for four days,” Inspector Mlombo said.

“We’ve checked it out. We’ve also determined there was no party organised by Philip yesterday. So we can’t link him to your daughter’s disappearance. Could it be your daughter is trying to cover up for something?”

“I really don’t know.” Thuli said, “If only I’d persuaded her not to go out we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Can you remember the registration number of the car she got into?” Mlombo asked.

Mama Gumede chimed in: “The car had no registration number. I thought that was a bit funny.”

The police officer knew that they’d reached a dead end. Lucy had vanished and there wasn’t a single clue to help the police find her.

“You can go now,” said the cop. “If there’s any new information we’ll let you know. Please inform us if you get any news you think might help us find your daughter.”

The two women drove back home.

“Do you think I’m a terrible mother?”

Thuli asked tearfully. “I tried to put some sense into Lucy’s head but she never listens. What if she never comes back? How will I live with myself?”

“Let’s think positively,” Mama Gumede suggested, “There’s no need to worry yourself sick with those negative thoughts. We’ll find her.”

Mama Gumede spoke those words just to reassure her neighbour. She doubted they’d find Lucy – not when she’d been hanging around with a hard-core criminal like Philip.

Two days passed and still there was no news of Lucy. The whole township was abuzz with gossip and speculation.

One section of the township believed Lucy had eloped and gotten married. Others suspected she was probably hiding just to get attention. Some thought she’d never be found alive.

“I heard through the grapevine that Philip’s back in town,” Thuli told Mama Gumede a day after the visit to the police station.

“He normally frequents Da Guido Restaurant in First Street. I’ve already informed the police.”

“Good news!” Mama Gumede said. “It’s time for me and my hard-of-hearing nephew to go to Da Guido Restaurant for lunch. Would you like to join us, Thuli?”

“No. I’d rather not see that evil man. I know he’s got something to do with my daughter’s disappearance. I might end up regretting what I would do to him if I see him face to face.”

“I’m hoping to find him at the restaurant,” Mama Gumede said rather excitedly.

Using sign language, Mama Gumede explained to her nephew they were going out for lunch that afternoon.

The restaurant was quiet when they arrived. It was one of those places where classical music played in the background.

Mama Gumede would’ve been happier if they played kwaito.

Mama Gumede chose a table. Her heart skipped a beat when she realised they were sitting only four tables away from Philip the drug lord and his cronies.

How Mama Gumede wished she could hear what they were saying.

Could they be talking about Lucy? Getting too close to the men was definitely out of the question for her.

So she smiled at her nephew and put her plan into action . . .

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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