Chasing Waterfalls 4/4

By Drum Digital
16 January 2014

Are they going to find missing Lucy?

“Inspector, I think I know what happened to Lucy!” Mama Gumede was speaking into her cellphone.

She’d left the restaurant, choosing to break the news in the safety of her own house.

“Please come over at once if you can.”

When the team of police officers arrived, Mama Gumede told them what she’d discovered.

“We’re taking a police team to that address immediately, Mama Gumede. I hope you’re right. How did you get all that information?”

“I’ll explain when you’ve found the girl. Go now!” And Mama Gumede shooed the police officers out of her house.

Two hours later, Mama Gumede heard a loud knock on her door. When she opened the door, there stood Inspector Mlombo, Thuli, Lucy and several police officers.

“We found her, Mama Gumede!” Thuli couldn’t hold back her tears. “Thank you so much, Mama Gumede, for your help.

They wanted to harm her because she was going to expose their drug trafficking to the police. Fortunately we got to her in time.”

“How are you, my girl?” Mama Gumede gave Lucy a hug. “You’re very lucky to be alive.”

“I never thought I’d see my mother again,” sobbed Lucy. “Now I’m going to listen to her and choose my friends wisely.

I won’t go round chasing waterfalls any more. I promise I’ll stick to the rivers that I know.”

Inspector Mlombo was still baffled. “Mama Gumede,” he asked, “how did you know where Lucy was being held?”

“It was easy, really,” said Mama Gumede. “My nephew over here helped me by reading the lips of Philip and his crooked friends at the restaurant. Because they were talking about Lucy it was easy to find out where they were hiding her.”

Mama Gumede enjoyed being the centre of attention and being treated like a hero.

When her visitors had left, she relaxed in front of the TV, wondering when she’d be presented with her next thrilling case.

-by WN Tembo

The end.

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