Cheat days really do work wonders on your waistline

By Drum Digital
26 April 2016

Let’s face it, cheat days are about the only fun thing about dieting. So it is with great satisfaction we bring to you the latest scientific findings on dieting; cheat days really do work wonders on your waistline.

Researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands found after assessing dieters with three experiments, that planning cheat days meant they were more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan on their good days

For the first experiment 59 men and women were asked to role play being on a diet, with half imagining their diets lasting for seven days, while the rest of the group had to pretend to have one day off.

The subjects were then asked to imagine walking down a snack aisle in a supermarket when hungry, and think of ways to avoid temptation. Those on the ‘cheat day diet’ came up with more ways to say no to naughty foods.

Meanwhile the second trial involved 36 men and women dieting for a fortnight. The group was again split into two; half followed a strict 1,500 calorie a day diet, while the others ate 1,300 calories a day, apart from on Sundays when they could up their calories to 2,700.

Results showed those with the cheat day had stronger self-control than the regular dieters, and were happier and more motivated. They also lost just as much weight as the other group.

“Sometimes it is good in the long run to be temporarily bad in the short run.” © Cover Media

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