Check out this new, free app for preschoolers

By Drum Digital
20 June 2014

Are you looking for an app that can help your little one develop their language, psychomotor, problem-solving, attention, concentration and memory skills? StimuLearn was recently launched in South Africa and it might be just the thing you’re looking for.

The digital learning app was introduced by Nestlé NIDO 3+ and includes interactive games such as Forgotten Castle, Pearl Beach and Story House, combining parental interaction with cognitive stimulation. It also has a special learning feature, complete with tips and expert advice, for mothers to help monitor their child’s development.

“It is vitally important that preschoolgoing children are engaged and stimulated through relevant and meaningful 21st-century themes that will ignite their brains to want to learn. The StimuLearn app is fun, engaging and presents an alternative learning tool that offers key foundational teachings for a child,” says education consultant Gavin Keller.

StimuLearn operates in an online or offline environment and can be downloaded from iOS and iStore free of charge. Go to the website at for more information.

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