Chemicals kill Cape Town girl

By Drum Digital
23 April 2013

A Cape Town toddler died and seven children had to be hospitalised after consuming chemical substances dumped on a field in Delft, it was reported on Tuesday.

Jordin Lewis, three, was among a group of children who were taken to hospital complaining of stomach ache after finding the chemicals on a field at N2 Gateway, in Delft, on Sunday, The Cape Times reported.

Lewis's lungs and kidneys collapsed, and her brain was affected. She died in hospital.

Seven other children, aged five to 15, were discharged from hospital on Monday night.

As they were leaving, another 13 children were brought in with symptoms of contact with the substances.

Fire and rescue spokesman Theo Layne told The Cape Times three officers who helped clear the site were also taken to hospital for observation.

"They are fine now. The chemicals that were dumped are quite dangerous. Their contents include sodium chlorate, sodium nitrate and sodium phosphate. The sugary substances are used in the food and cosmetic industries."

Thirty 25 kilogram bags were found at one site and several other bags at a nearby site.

The City of Cape Town told the newspaper it was trying to establish who had dumped the chemicals.

Those found responsible could be charged by the National Prosecuting Authority.


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