Children feel neglected by cell phone addicted parents

By Drum Digital
08 July 2015

A recent study found that 32% of children feel neglected when their parents are engrossed in their cell phones.

A recent study undertaken by AVG Technologies found that 32% of children feel neglected when their parents are engrossed in their cell phones.

The global study, which was undertaken by AVG Technologies, sampled more than 6,000 children aged eight to 13 in five different countries.  The survey revealed that 54% of children think their parents are spending too much time on their phones while 32% of children feel neglected when their moms and dads are glued to their cell phones. Jake Hilmi, a 15 year old respondent, said his mum “spent too much time on Candy Crush”, while 14-year-old Hailey George said that she thinks her father; “spends a lot of time texting his friends,” The overall consensus was that kids feel as though they have to compete with smart phones for their parents' attention - and 52% of parents surveyed agreed. "I do feel like the balance between the degree to which I use my mobile device to stay connected to work and my ability to be more present, available to my family, is quite out of balance," said one of the parents surveyed in the study.

"With our kids picking up mobile devices at an increasingly younger age, it is really important that we set good habits within the home, early on," says Tony Anscombe, senior security official at AVG Technologies. "Children take their cues from us for everything else, so it is only natural that they should do the same with device use. It can be hard to step away from your device at home, but with a quarter of parents telling us that they wished their child used their device less (25 percent), they need to lead by example and consider how their behavior might be making their child feel."

While it can be difficult to navigate this hyper-connected world we live in it is important to remember that as parents we need to focus on the little ones looking to us for guidance.


Compiled by Lindsay De Freitas

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