Chill Out with Dj Whiskey

By Drum Digital
27 June 2013

DJ Whiskey has been on the 1's and 2's since 2008 after graduating from Boston Media House.  An avid lover of all things musical - from hip hop to Kwaito, the house music spinner released his debut album Soul Candi 10 with SA’s house imprint Soul Candi – an album that celebrated the stable’s 10 year anniversary – in 2011. He has since featured on other prominent Djs albums such as DJ China’s “Deep Inside”, DJ Bongs’ “The Ultimate”, and the Metro FM award winning “Music Box” series mixed by Dj Terance.

He has just released an album titled “Rebirth”. We catch up with the Dj and producer to get to know him better...

If you could have dinner with any musician in history, who would it be?

I would have loved to meet the legendary Tupac Shakur, he was very outspoken - the type of person that just inspired people with almost everything he said. Not to mention the drive he had in making music.

Name one thing you want to achieve in the next five years.

I want to own a successful record company helping less privileged but passionate musicians like myself to be recognized and appreciated in this tough music industry.

As an artist, what is your definition of success?

When your brand is recognized anywhere in the world. When people don't even listen to your CD in a music store but just buy because they believe it to be of good quality. Awards are just a bonus.

What drives your creativity?

All the good music I listen to on a daily. Good music inspires me to make music.

What has been your best fan experience?

I've had a lot of amazing of fan experiences but one that really touched me was when I met 3 high school boys who starved themselves for two full weeks and gathered their allowance money to go buy my SoulCandi 10 album.  I’ll never forget that.

If you could change one thing about the local music industry what would it be?

I'd urge the media to play more proudly South African music. We are so bombarded by American music that we end up thinking that’s how we should dress or sound in order to sell.

What would make you give up music?

Only God can make me give up music. Nothing, or no one else can.

Do you have any secret talent or ability?

I can also rap (laughs)

Which member of your family has been your greatest influence?

My late father was very passionate about music.

If you could work with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?

It will definitely have to be Dr. Dre, he is in my opinion one the greatest producers that have ever lived we could cook up a storm in studio.

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