Chomee gets a car from Morris Garage

By Drum Digital
06 September 2012

She has is always available to lend a helping hand to all in need. Recently she donated 5 bursaries to learners from the North West. And as the saying goes, "What goes around, comes around"

Chomee was completely oblivious to the fact that it was her turn to receive when she arrived at MG cars warehouse for what she believed was a meeting on a possible performance.

After a brief conversation with the managers at Morris Garage, she was handed the keys of a beautiful sparkly MG6.

The 'sika le keke' singer was speechless when she saw the car. All she had to say on the day was "wow!"

" When we look around we couldnt think of a more deserving singer to get the car," says Gideon Mongwe, spokesperson at Morris Garage. The 999 artist has also been made the ambassador of MG.

"The contract is for a year and we will evaluate after a year if we shall continue," added Mongwe.

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